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About Us

Mark Bruce

"We Unite and Support our Veterans and their families to allow them to build themselves a Sustainable future back into our communities with your help"

Veterans Stand Together is a 'non-profit' organization, founded in early 2018. Veterans Stand Together has the passion, vision, and desire to ensure we become a leading national and international 'non-profit' organization with a charitable outcome providing the provision of long-term employment opportunities within the civilian workplace for our brave military, police, emergency and security services personnel.

Men and women from the military, police and security services spend years adapting to roles and gaining valuable skills experience. They develop qualities that are readily transferable and in demand within the civilian workplace. However, transitioning back to civilian life can be a challenging period for many Veterans each year. This is where the Veterans Stand Together can help offer critical and much needed support in assisting Veterans with the transition inevitably facing them and making the first steps towards civilian employment as positive and as smooth as possible.


Mark Bruce

Founder VST

Mark Bruce  joined Veterans Stand Together with the vision and drive to improve upon our Nonprofit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Tim Laidler

Director VST Canada

Tim joined Veterans Stand Together in 2019. New to the organization but not to helping the veteran community. Tim is also the Executive Director of the Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma at the University of British Columbia. His initiative is to have a Veterans Friendly Campus by 2020. 


Mckenzie Robinson

Director VST Canada


Anthony Bernardi

Director VST Canada

Tony joined Veterans Stand Together in 2019. He is currently working for the DND in a transition centre for members releasing. 

McKenzie joined Veterans Stand Together in 2019. As a Project Coordinator at the University of British Columbia, McKenzie is in direct connection with the veteran community and dedicated to making positive change for veterans. 

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